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Viewing file diffs in staging areas is unreliable



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      Viewing of the individual file(s) in either staging area can prove VERY frustrating...

      Without warning or any specific set of circumstances the following can happen:

      • Clicking on file FOO.txt in the "Staged files" area will sometimes show the diff of file FOO.txt in the "Unstaged files" area (The opposite scenario also occurs)
      • Clicking on file FOO.txt in either staging area will sometimes ALSO show BAR.txt or INSTEAD show BAR.txt
      • In Unstaged file diff area, selecting multiple lines and pressing [Stage selected] or pressing [Stage hunk] will sometimes bring you to the Staged version of that file, leaving you to question whether the staging even worked properly (The opposite scenario also occurs)
      • In Unstaged file diff area, selecting multiple lines and pressing [Stage selected] or pressing [Stage hunk] will sometimes not do anything at all, pressing the stage button again will throw a git error saying something about not finding the lines in question (which means it was properly staged the first click, but not updated) (The opposite scenario also occurs)
      • etc...


      This is one of many many issues introduced in 2.x, Please do better testing before releasing new versions, it seems with each update that 1 bug is fixed and 5 more are added. For the last few years I have been using source tree it has been going consistently downhill.


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