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SourceTree doesn't refresh files in the working tree



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      Mac OSX (mac air laptop)

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      (I first filed this issue on the QnA site: https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/243982/sourcetree-doesn-t-refresh-files-in-the-working-tree; I got feedback from Kieran Senior that I should file it as a bug.)

      I've been using SourceTree on Mac for a few months and I've been really happy with it.

      But recently something happened and SourceTree stopped auto-refreshing the "Files in the working tree" panel. So now if I change some code file and save it, then flip over to SourceTree, I don't see the change reflected in that panel and I'm forced to take some manual action to force-refresh it.

      I tried upgrading to SourceTree 1.7 and again to 1.8. That didn't help.

      I tried going to Settings - Advanced and making sure that these checkboxes are checked:

      • Automatically Refresh (if disabled you must manually refresh this repository)
      • Refresh remote status in the background (if enabled in global preferences)

      That didn't help either.

      I've found that any of the following actions can serve as a "force refresh":

      • Restarting SourceTree
      • Unchecking and rechecking the checkboxes mentioned above
      • Flipping the dropdown from "Show Pending" to "Show Untracked" and back.

      Is there some other setting I'm not aware of? Is this a known bug? Is there a keyboard shortcut to force refresh the "Files in the working tree" panel?



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