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SourceTree should have scripting support



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      I have a use case as follows:
      We have bug tracker at work, and after I commit I need to put the commit hash in the bug tracker for the fix.
      I'd like to be able to write a script that can, for example, get that commit and copy it in the right format to the clipboard, based on whats currently in the SourceTree window.
      This would require some scripting capabilities:
      1. At a first level, would just be great if we could get the names of windows open in SourceTree. This would help me identify the repository currently open in SourceTree, and my own scripting could do the rest.
      2. At a second level, would be great if SourceTree could tell me the full path to the currently open window's repository. This would be a better way for me to do (1).
      3. Ideally, it would be great if SourceTree could let me pull out the hash of the most recent or currently selected commit directly via AppleScript or another scripting interface.




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