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Improve outputting of stdout & capture query string



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      We've just started using the Atlassian profiling servlet filter on a
      project here, and have found it very useful. Thanks for releasing it as
      open source!

      There were two behaviours that didn't quite match our requirements:

      1. writing of output to stdout - most app servers write a lot of
      junk to stdout which makes it more difficult to parse and analyse the
      profiling information
      2. no capture of query string - in our case the request URI alone
      wasn't sufficient to differentiate fundamentally different requests (we
      needed to see the query string as well)

      but thanks to the open source nature of the tool we were able to extend
      the code to cover both of these requirements.

      If you're interested, I've attached our updates to the code, just in
      case you think this functionality would be worth adding to the official
      distribution (I've attached both the full source as well as diffs
      containing the changes). The new behaviours are all configurable via
      filter parameters in web.xml, and the default behaviour of the filter
      (when the new parameters are missing) is unchanged, so these
      enhancements should be fully backwards compatible with v1.1.

      My apologies if this isn't the correct channel for submitting changes -
      I checked the site but didn't see any mention of an official submission




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              17 years, 39 weeks ago