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Confluence Migration Assistant is getting stuck when stopping a plan.


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      Issue Summary

      Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence is getting stuck when stopping plans

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a plan to migrate some Spaces from Server to Cloud
      2. After the plan runs for a bit where the Space has already started to be migrated, stop the plan.

      Expected Results

      The plan will be stopped accordingly.

      Actual Results

      The plan gets stuck in stopping state.


      Proceed with the steps outlined on How to fix plans that are stuck and cannot be stopped during migration in Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA) in order to enforce the migration plan to stop.


      Atlassian Update - April 26th 2023

      This issue is being fixed gradually as we transition Confluence migrations data format from XML to CSV.

      The issue was already fixed for customers using PostgreSQL and MySQL in the following versions:

      • PostgreSQL: 3.4.0 and newer
      • MySQL: 3.4.5 and newer
      • MS-SQL: 3.4.6 and newer
      • Oracle: 3.4.6 and newer

      The fix for Oracle and MS-SQL will be shipped next.

      Renan Battaglin - Product Manager

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