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Jira Service Management (JSM) comment export failure - Failed to retrieve JSM Comment / queues



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      Issue Summary

      While migrating Jira Service Management project, certain comments will fail to export if the project lead of the project doesn't have sufficient permission to access the respective project data (in this case comments or queues)

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create Jira Service Management (JSM) project
      2. Ensure project lead doesn't have `Browse Project` and/or `Servicedesk Agent` permission for the project being migrated
      3. Migrate respective JSM project via JSM-JCMA (Jira Cloud Migration Assistant) plugin

      Expected Results

      Comments should be exported. The project lead need not have the "Browse Project" or "Servicedesk Agent"  permission.

      Actual Results - Comments fails to export

      The below exception is thrown in the JCMA error log file:

      20XX-XX-XX Xx:XX:12.565 ERROR XXXX project-export Failed to retrieve JSM Comment for comment 123456.

      Jira application log will contain the following message

      20XX-XX-01 Xx:XX:56,432+0000 pool-XX-thread-XX ERROR XXXX-XXX .. /rest/migration/latest/plan/save-and-start ... Couldn't fetch SDComment for commentId [1234] in issueId [1234]
      com.atlassian.servicedesk.api.ForbiddenException: You do not have permission to view this comment

      Actual Results - Queues fails to export

      The below exception is thrown in the JCMA error log file:

      20XX-XX-02 XX:XX:30.931 ERROR XX project-export Failed to retrieve queues.

      Jira application log will contains the following message

      2021-XX-XX XX:XX:44,... ERROR prae-admin ... /rest/plugins/1.0/ ... Couldn't fetch some queues for servicedesk [1234]
      com.atlassian.servicedesk.api.ForbiddenException: You don't have permission to access this Service Desk.


      1. Assign `Browse Project` and `Servicedesk Agent` permissions to the project lead of the project/s being migrated.
      2. Ensure that the project lead is a Jira user and also has application access to Jira Service Management. 
      3. Re-migrate with JSM-JCMA plugin


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