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Apps with only Data Center and Cloud versions do not appear with correct data in App Assessment


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      Issue Summary

      Apps that have only a Data Center and Cloud listing in Marketplace do not appear correctly in App Assessment for Exists in Cloud and Can Be Migrated columns, even if the data is correct in Marketplace. 

      Here we can see the app app.jxl has an entry in Maketplace for the /migration endpoint.

      $ curl --silent 'https://marketplace.atlassian.com/rest/2/addons/app.jxl/migration' | jq '.'
        "vendorId": 1219648,
        "addonKey": "app.jxl",
        "addonName": "JXL - Spreadsheet Table Issue Editor for Jira",
        "cloudAddonKey": "app.jxl",
        "cloudVersionAvailability": "PUBLIC",
        "cloudVersionDevelopmentRoadmap": "https://jxl.app/docs/roadmap",
        "featureDifferenceDocumentation": "https://jxl.app/help/migration/features",
        "migrationDocumentation": "https://jxl.app/help/migration/paths",
        "cloudMigrationAssistantCompatibility": "1.0.0"

      We can confirm the versions available with

      $ curl --silent 'https://marketplace.atlassian.com/rest/2/addons/app.jxl?application=jira&hosting=datacenter&withVersion=true' | jq '._embedded.version.deployment'
        "server": false,
        "cloud": false,
        "connect": false,
        "autoUpdateAllowed": false,
        "permissions": [],
        "dataCenter": true,
        "dataCenterStatus": "compatible"

      However in the Cloud Migration Assistants, they only uses hosting=server, and doesn't check the datacenter value for hosting when aggregating the marketplace data. 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In Marketplace have an app that only has DataCenter and Cloud entries
      2. Install the app in a Data Center instance of Jira or Confluence
      3. Go to App Assessment in the relevant CMA and check the values for Exists in cloud and Can be migrated

      Expected Results

      Exists in cloud and Can be migrated are correctly populated based on the information in https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/app-migration/app-assessment-UI/ .

      Actual Results

      Exists in cloud and Can be migrated show as .


      Ensure you app has an entry for server in Marketplace.

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