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Attachment names with leading whitespace character broken after migration


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      Issue Summary

      Name of the attachments with a leading whitespace character are not displayed in UI post migration.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Tested with CCMA version 3.20.
      2. Migrate the space to the cloud site.
      3. In the cloud site the attachments sections will show both the images but in the UI images whose name has a leading empty space will show up as ?Unknown attachment.
      4. But in the database of the cloud site the entry for the second screenshot does not have any leading whitespace character.
      5. The issue persists in space import as well.

      Expected Results

      Images whose name with the leading whitespace character should be imported correctly.

      Actual Results

      UI is showing the images as ?UnknownAttachments


      Delete the images from the page and re-upload the image by editing the name without having whitespace character.

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