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Migration Assistant does not update Page IDs stored within Page Properties Report Macro



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      Issue Summary

      On the Server, if a Page contains a Page Properties Report macro that includes a parent (page), the user sees the Page Name. Once the Page is migrated to Confluence Cloud, the macro is broken because the parent Page will be pointing to the Server Page ID.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create Page on Confluence Server. Add Macro "Page Properties Report"
      2. Configure macro to include With parent configuration by typing and selecting a page.
      3. Notice that the Page name is displayed. Save the macro and publish the page.
      4. Migration to Cloud using Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant
      5. Navigate to the same page in Cloud
      6. The macro will show "No content found"
      7. Select edit and observe the same "With parent" setting shows a Page ID and not the Page Title.

      Expected Results

      1. When migrating, the Page ID value should get updated to the new Page ID in Cloud.

      Actual Results

      1. The Page ID remains the same. As a result, "No content found" will appear.
      2. Further misleading will be that users were able to view the Page Title on Server and now are seeing an ID.
        • The value from the Server database always references the ID:
          <ac:parameter ac:name="cql">label = &quot;testlabel&quot; and space = currentSpace() and parent = &quot;884739&quot;</ac:parameter></ac:structured-macro>
        • 884739 is the Page Title. In the UI the user only sees the Page Title.


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available.




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