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Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant checks for missing attachments but gives a mismatched count of missing attachments


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      Issue Summary

      The new version of Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (3.2.1) introduces an error to help customers identify possible missing attachments. One of the possibilities is attachments with multiple versions, as well as apps that introduce attachments (Draw.io, Gliffy, etc.).

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a plan for Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant
      2. Check the missing attachments
      3. Validate the actual missing attachments in the source

      Workaround for now

      • migration-assistant.disable.missing-attachments-check

      Expected Results

      Only the actual files that are missing in the system get surfaced during the check.

      Actual Results

      The list of missing attachments can be larger than what the user was initially expecting.


      Validate the attachments

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