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Support Migration for: Zephyr Squad (fka: Zephyr for Jira)



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      Status Update:

      • Zephyr Squad JCMA migration support has been deployed.
      • Please note that you must be a registered participant in the migration EAP to access this functionality. It is disabled for general use.
      • The status of this ticket is now Closed Done.

      Problem Definition

      Is your organization preparing for Atlassian's Journey to the Cloud? Are you preparing to migrate your Jira instance + Apps from Server (or Data Center) to Cloud?

      Here is information to help you plan your migrations that include SmartBear's Zephyr Squad (formerly known as: Zephyr for Jira).

      Primary Migration Solution: Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA)

      The Atlassian Jira + App migration platform, known as the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA), will be your primary solution for Cloud Migrations.

      Here's what Atlassian has to say about migrating your apps

      "When automated app migration functionality becomes generally available, customers will be able to automatically migrate apps and app data using the Cloud Migration Assistants at the same time that projects, spaces, and users are migrated to cloud." ~Atlassian Tweet in blog link 

      • The Atlassian platform is quickly approaching readiness for the beta program.
      • Please register here for the Atlassian Migration EAP (early access program). http://go.atlassian.com/appmigrationseap
      • Atlassian will notify you when you are eligible to participate in the EAP.
      • *As the customer EAP is Atlassian Supported and Solution Partner assisted, participation may not be guaranteed.
      • GA of the Atlassian JCMA for Apps is anticipated late 2021 ("Marketplace app migration")

      About the JCMA

      The JCMA is an app (think of it as a platform) for migrating a Jira Server instance to a Jira Cloud instance. The migration happens all at once, synchronously. When a customer migrates from Jira Server/DataCenter, to Jira Cloud, using the JCMA, the app migration platform will programmatically migrate Zephyr Squad - Test Management for Jira, and associated data from Server/DC to Cloud at the same time that it migrates your Jira instance.

      Atlassian designed the JCMA in such a way that Marketplace Partners (such as SmartBear) build their app migration support on top of the JCMA. Therefore, when a customer migrates using the JCMA, the Jira instance is migrated to Cloud and then all the supported apps are migrated, all at the same time.

      Zephyr migration development for the JCMA is complete and we have now entered the Migration EAP (See above for more details.) To migrate your Jira instance + Zephyr Squad, you must register for the Atlassian EAP migration program. Atlassian has NOT enabled app migration support using the JCMA (it is switched off for all apps) for general use. You must be a registered participant in the EAP to request access. GA is planned for later in 2021.

      We strongly urge our customers to NOT migrate using the JCMA until Atlassian enables it for app migrations. The JCMA is not designed for app migrations to be run asynchronously at a later time.

      The SmartBear-Zephyr team is eagerly looking forward to participating in Atlassian's Migration EAP (beta program) that is expected to begin soon! (See above for more details.)

      Secondary Migration Solution: SmartBear Migration Utility

      For Customers looking for a migration solution sooner that GA, or an alternative method, then you will be pleased to hear that SmartBear is working on a secondary migration solution. This solution is currently in beta testing. Please contact SmartBear for more information.

      Additional Migration Information

      The SmartBear-Zephyr team is also collecting additional requirements from existing DC/Server customers for consideration in the JCMA.

      JCMA Migrations Will Include (but not be limited to):

      • Test steps
      • Versions
      • Cycles
      • Folders
      • Custom Fields
      • Executions
      • Attachments
      • ATOM Jobs
      • Execution History

      Additional information can be found online at SmartBear:

      Migration Status:


      Zephyr for Jira, Features: Server/Data Center vs Cloud



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