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Support migration of Scroll Documents


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      Problem Definition

      The new Atlassian App Migration Platform (currently under development) will enable all Atlassian Marketplace Partners apps to build automated migration paths for their apps.

      Suggested Solution

      When a customer migrates from Confluence Server / Data Center to Confluence Cloud using the Cloud Migration Assistant, the app migration platform will coordinate with Scroll Documents to automatically transfer all the documents created using the app.

      Current Status

      The migration is blocked by the a bug due to which the documents (custom content object entities) are not recognized on Confluence Cloud - 





      The following workaround exists for MIG-288, but is not scalable and is incompatible with the migration path offered via the Cloud Migration Assistant:

      1. Create space exports from server.
      2. Unzip the package created
      3. In the entities.xml file manually add the prefix to all occurrences of the custom content instances
      4. Repackage
      5. Import to Cloud

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