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Support Migration of Structure



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      Problem Definition

      The new Atlassian App Migration Platform (currently under development) will enable all Atlassian Marketplace Partners apps to build automated migration paths for their apps.

      Suggested Solution

      When a customer migrates projects from Jira Server / Data Centre to Jira Cloud using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, the app migration platform will coordinate with ALM Works to automatically move Structure data associated with the migrated projects.

      Current Status

      ALM Works team has finished working on the first version of migration functionality, which will allow to migrate Structure data using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA). It will be possible to migrate:

      • Manually added issues and folders
      • Items added and organized through Automation
      • The default view and associated views for each structure

      This functionality will become available as soon as the app migration platform goes into beta:



      • The Structure migration assistant can only add issues from projects that were migrated to Jira Cloud using the JCMA.
      • The migration assistant is available on Structure Server/Data Center versions 6.3.2+.
      • At this time, some features are not available in Structure Cloud and corresponding data won't be migrated. See Comparison to Structure for Jira Server / Data Center for more details.

      **ALM Works will continue to update the migration assistant as new features and capabilities are added to Structure Cloud.


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