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JCMA skips custom field changes in issue history


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      Issue Summary

      On some occasions, JCMA might skip the issue of history migration because the values for that field are not recognized by JCMA.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a migration plan.
      2. Select some projects to migrate.
      3. Run the migration.

      Expected Results

      JCMA should advise the user about these inconsistencies.

      Actual Results

      The migration finishes without issues but in the JIRA application logs you should see WARN entries like the below:

      2020-07-24 03:38:06,370 pool-6143-thread-4 WARN test@user.com 206x3133x1 l2ovl5 /rest/plugins/1.0/ [c.a.j.m.e.core.issue.ChangeGroupExporter$CloudChangeItemConverter] Skipping CustomField change com.atlassian.jira.issue.history.ChangeItemBean@f3a100c[fieldType=custom,field=Sprint,from=2089, 2157,fromString=Sprint1,Sprint2,to=2089, 2157, 2222,toString=Sprint1,Sprint2,Sprint3 and st,created=2016-03-30 07:39:58.49] on Issue KEY-1241 as we can't identify its source issue field

      Comparing the issue history in both Cloud and Server you will be able to see the missing entries:


      • The WARN entries might be logged for unsupported custom fields.
      • The final value of the affected custom fields is maintained, just the issue history is affected.


      No workaround at the moment.

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