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JCMA 1.10.7 | Issue with review domain during pre-migration check



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      Issue Summary

      When using JCMA 1.10.7 for migration, during the pre-migration check "review domain" is not working as expected. From the UI though customer marks all the domain as 'Trusted', the check still fails with message "You haven't reviewed your email domains" as attached in the screenshot.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a migration plan using JCMA 1.10.7 plugin
      2. During the pre-migration, review all the domains and mark them as Trusted
      3. At the step for pre-migration checks it always shows an error "not resolved"

      Expected Results

      • Once user marks the domains as trusted, in pre-migration check it should not show as "not resolved" again.

      Actual Results

      In pre-migration check it shows as "not resolved" again.


      There is a valid edge-case where the pre-flight check fails even though the domain review confirms all domains are marked as trusted.

      It happens when a domain is added/modified after the domain review was originally done.

      This is the likely cause if:

      • the REST call workaround below to 'trust-all-domains' resolves the issue,  
      • or the number of trusted domains doesn't match the count returned by this query
      -- this SQL may need adjustment for your database
      SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX(lower_email_address,'@',-1) as domain_name FROM cwd_user group by domain_name;


      A quick way to check this is to reassess the domains in JCMA with these steps

      • Open Migration Assistant Home
      • Click 'View trusted domains' under Review all email domains
      • The footer bar at the bottom of the page should indicate '100% COMPLETE'
      • Click on 'Assess again' to the right of that and check the result to see if any how show up as not being trusted
      • The completion indicator should now show less than 100% complete and the trusted number out of the total



      There are 2 possible paths:

      • Use the REST API endpoint below to review the domains and trust them all


      • Downgrade JCMA using the steps below
        • Uninstall the current version of Jira Cloud Migration Assistant: go to General Configuration > Manage apps > uninstall JCMA.
        • Navigate to ${JIRA_URL}/secure/admin/jira/views/SiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa
        • Add the following Dark Feature on Jira Server (to avoid JCMA forcing a self-update):
        • Download the JAR file for the version 1.10.5: JCMA v.1.10.5.
        • In case you still face the issue with JCMA 1.10.5. downgrade it to 1.10.3.
        • Download the JAR file for version 1.10.3: JCMA v1.10.3.
        • Navigate to General Configuration > Manage apps.
        • Choose Upload app.
        • Locate the file then click Upload.
        • Wait for it to finish installing.
        • Reference:


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