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Project migration fails when issues have null priority


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      Issue Summary

      When issues have null priorities, the project migration fails.

      Steps to Reproduce

      One way to reproduce this problem is to create a new issue and remove the priority directly from the Jira database. There might be other ways to run into this issue though.

      Expected Results

      Migration succeeds by assigning a default priority value to issues with missing priority.

      Actual Results

      The project migration completes with a FAILED status.


      Option 1

      1. Run this JQL
        priority is null
      1. This will show all issues with missing priority
      2. Bulk update the issues to have a priority value.

      Option 2

      1. Go to the Jira database and assign priorities to all issues with null priorities.
      2. Sample SQL to make the change (might not work for all database types):
        update jiraissue set priority=2 where id in (select id from jiraissue where priority is null);

        (make sure to update the priority value accordingly)

      Option 3

      1. If the project has a priority scheme with default priority enabled. direction as given below.
      2.  Then, enable this feature flag (com.atlassian.jira.migration.assign.default.issue.priority) so that JCMA will set the default priority whenever an issue found with null or empty priority.  Please refer to this document https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/enable-dark-feature-in-jira-959286331.html to add feature flags.


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