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Support the Migration of Questions for Confluence


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      Problem Definition

      After migrating from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud, there's no way to migrate the data of Questions, unlike Team Calendar that can at least perform the manual export/import.

      • Confluence Questions FAQ

        Can I export to/import from Questions for Confluence Server?
        Right now there's no way to export to/import from Questions for Confluence Server. We're really hopeful we'll be able to support migration in future, but we unfortunately can't give any guarantees or timeframes at this point. If and when the situation changes, we'll let you know.

        Can I import questions from another Q&A system?
        We currently don't provide an import or export tool for Questions for Confluence Cloud.

      Suggested Solution

      • Support the export/import of Questions data
      • Provide the REST API to bulk export/create the questions

      Why this is important

      When we perform the migration from Server to Cloud, we are hoping to minimize the data loss after the migration.

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