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Add a generic Kanban board to JIRA Core


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      All my JIRA projects use Kanban boards as a primary user interface for all users. I see no use cases where I would want to set up JIRA without Kanban boards. The Kanban method and Kanban boards are just as useful for business projects as for software development projects. Kanban boards for business projects should preferably be free from any software jargon and hard-coded software-specific behavior. With the announcement of JIRA 7 Software, it seems that JIRA Agile boards may become even more software-specific in future releases.

      Having to go for the full JIRA Software license just to get Kanban boards available in business projects is far from ideal. Higher cost is just one reason. Added complexity for users from seeing irrelevant software features and terminology is more important.

      Along with many others, I have previously requested more flexible configuration options for JIRA Agile boards, in particular more dynamic filters.

      Please consider adding a generic, flexible Kanban board as part of JIRA Core, or at least as an add-on.

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