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The issuekey on a work management business project board should appear as a hyperlink to that issue



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      Problem Definition

      In Jira Work Management, company managed business project board, for any issues that appear on that board, you should have the ability to right click the issuekey that appears on the card as if it were a hyperlink that will lead you directly to a page URL of that issue itself.
      Presently, you cannot do this. Instead when you hover over the issuekey there is no hyperlink available on the card itself. Only after left clicking the card can you then see a hyperlink within the issuekey that appears on that modal popup screen that is displayed.

      Suggested Solution

      Insert a hyperlink into the issuekey element on the card so that users can directly open that issue into a new tab if they want to.

      Why this is important

      Consistency between Jira products.
      Cards having issuekeys that exist as a hyperlink is something that has always existed across all other board types in Jira Software (kanban and scrum across both team managed and company managed projects). So it really feels like this should exist as a matter of consistency of use.


      If you left click on the card itself, a modal popup of the issue will appear on the screen. From there you can right-click the issuekey in top left corner to then open this issue into a new browser tab




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