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Add a setting to modify the initialization of JIRA Software ranking



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      We recently use jira and greenhopper in our project and we are facing a difficulty. We use the greenhoper ranking to prioritize the issue. The queue/line of issues provided by greenhopper fulfill our needs except on one point, the initialization.

      When a new issue is created, currently the issue is put in the last position of the queue. However, it could be usefull is there is a rule on creation to help greenhopper putting the issue on the right position.
      For example, in our company, we would like that the issue is put on the queue according to the following criteria :

      • the priority
      • the creation date if the priority are equals
      • if priority and date are equals, the last created on last position

      This way, the first priorization is automatic and the managers just have to reorder the queue if needed but a huge part of the work is automatically made by the custom field.

      Is it possible to associate this kind of rules for the greenhopper ranking custom fields so that some fields could be used to calculate the initial order in the queue ?


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