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Why is creation of Sprints restricted based on project level admin permissions?



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      From the Atlassian documentation: "You can only create a new sprint if you have the 'Administer Projects' permission in all projects included in the current board's filter."
      I guess there is a good reason for this restriction, could you please explain why it exists?
      We have cases where a user would like to create a Sprint on a "wide" Board, i.e. a Board which sees several Projects.
      Shouldn't the user be allowed to create the Sprint, and only be blocked if he or she tries to include issues from projects that he/she is not Admin for?
      Or perhaps, the user should be allowed to create a Sprint regardless of having or not having project admin level permissions?
      Or, should the create sprint operation have its own permission settings?
      In our organization, we would like to allow certain users to create Sprints across any projects, regardless of project level admin permissions.


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