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As a Rapid Board user i would like a compact UI displaying as many cards as the classic board can



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      The Classic task board easily fits twice as many cards.

      And with the extra spacing the Rapid Board is still a lot harder to distinguish cards. The exploded UI offers little benefit.

      Different teams/boards will likely desire a different degree of compactness.

      Suggestions for a more compact UI:

      • customisable font, the rapid board's font is unnecessarily larger than classic boards and there seems no way to change this,
      • customisable card height, for example specified in number of text lines, required height would often be configured proportional to number of columns,
      • remove days in progress dots, not wanted and waste of screen for some teams
      • configure issue links to go to normal jira issue page, completely disabling the greenhopper issue details view,
      • configure individual columns to hide sub-tasks, for example sub-tasks in the "To Do" column may need not be visible and therefore save a lot of screen UI.


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