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As a PO, I'd like to see the stories of an Epic in JIRA view issue



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    • 6.1.3
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      • 'Issues in Epic' panel
      • Immediately beneath the sub tasks panel
      • Looks like the sub tasks panel
        • No "Plus" button to create new issues
        • No dropdown to filter issues
        • No numbered list
        • Prepend summary with issue key
        • Fields: done-ness icon, issue key, summary, issue type icon, status, assignee
        • Include issue operations cog per issue
        • Order by "default" rank field
      • Don't show if there are no linked issues

      Development Notes

      Q: How does this perform with a large number issues?
      A: should be fine

      Q: What if you dont have permission to see some of the issues? Or not logged in?
      A: Only issues which the user has permission to see will be displayed in the list.

      Q: Any support or infrastructure for possible bulk edit functionality?
      A: No

      Q: View in issue nav link?
      A: No

      Q: What if there are non-stories with an epic link? Story was converted to something else?
      A: Any issue currently linked to the epic via the Epic Link field will be displayed.

      Q: What if epics have an epic link? (also converted from story)
      A: see above


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