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As a SCRUM user (PO) doing cross-project sprint planning with the RapidBoard, I would like to be able to highlight issues based on filtering



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      When planning a SCRUM sprint across multiple projects (using the new Rapid-board), it would be very nice to be able to highlight issues related to the different projects, similar to what can be done in the Agile Task Board today. The Highlight feature could be based on filters, similar to the Quick Filter functionality, but instead of filtering out and only showing the issues that match the filter, it would be more practical to filter by highlighting the issues matching the filter.
      The reason for this is that when prioritizing the backlog, I need to prioritize issues across projects. If I use the QuickFilters today to only see issues from one specific project, and then start to reorganize the order of the issues, I have no control of how the reordering affects the other projects. By leaving all issues in the list and just highlighting the issues belonging to one filter, I will still be able to maintain control of the order also between the projects.


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