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Making total estimate time and remaining Sprint time available in Rapid Board Scrum



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      Currenlty GH seems to lack a way to see the total work estimate AGAINST the work time available in a sprint. I think this information would be handy to have in both Plan and Work modes.

      1) In the Plan mode, as I move the grey Sprint Maker up and down to determine the the amount of work to assign in the sprint I'm planning for, it would be useful to have the total amount of time available for the sprint shown somewhere on the screen, that way I can do the planning work more quickly and intuitively. Pretty much like what the Statistics bar lets us do in the Planning Board.

      2) Then in the Work mode, while each issue block has its original estimate shown, nowhere shown is the total amount of those estimate time nor the remaining time left within the current sprint.

      I know scrum resists midstream changes, but things do change for us anyway, so this will information facilitate us to respond quickly at least..


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