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GreenHopper Hourly Burndown Gadget - Update Every 15 Minutes or as Scheduled


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    • 5.7.2
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      Business Justification as described by our users:
      "I currently have 5 sprints running simultaneously. I have 2 full teams working off shore in Cebu. I also have 1 team that is a mix of US and Cebu team members. To complicate the mix even more, I have a team member in Kansas (in central time). We are close to having a 24 hour development shop. We are making updates into GreenHopper at various times of day (and night). However, the supplied gadget for displaying the hourly burndown rate is currently only reflecting progress one time a day. Therefore, most of the time the data is outdated and inaccurate.

      The gadget itself does imply that there are options to update every 15 minutes, 30 min, 1 hour or 2 hours. There is also a refresh menu selection which implies immediate update. These options are not currently functioning as labeled. As the Scrum of Scrum Master (and overall project manager) I need accurate and timely information to provide to my management team. My director is now looking at our dashboards and is expecting to be able to see how our teams are progressing at various point in time.

      In addition, I see a big benefit to having a quick chart like this so teams can see the progress of their off/onshore counterparts. I understand there may be system overhead to run updates continually. Therefore, I would be able to accept routine updates every 2-4 hours as long as there is an option to do an immediate refresh. In addition, the refresh options in the gadget should be modified to reflect the correct options."


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