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Concurrent editing and merging changes in Jira


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      As a Product Owner, I want the ability to know if there are multiple users editing the same issue at the same time so that we do not loose or override the changes. 

      I see this brilliant article on confluence where it presents the user(s) with an option to merge, change, override etc. why is this available for Jira? https://confluence.atlassian.com/conf74/concurrent-editing-and-merging-changes-1003128430.html

      We have experienced numerous times issue with overriding data and sometimes erasing data in due the issue being in edit mode by multiple users at the same time.


      data quality issues

      overriding workflow controls

      erasing existing data unintentionally

      unintended misunderstanding and miscommunication

      overall a poor user experience.


      Benefits of implementing either a field locking or pop-up to merge conflicts ability or ability to view users editing the issue in real-time  (like on Lucidchart or Miro or Google docs)

      • reduce data quality errors
      • improve transparency and collaboration
      • preserve data controls

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