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Release Date should use Date format and not DateTime format


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      When selecting a Release date, we only have the option to select the date and the time is automatically set to midnight (0:00).

      However, the release date changes depending on the User Timezone.
      For instance, a release date set as April, 16th 0:00 on Jira timezone GMT-5 will be April, 15th at 11 pm for a user with the user timezone GMT-6.

      Steps to reproduce using a scriptrunner function:

      note: Script Runner does consider Monday as the start of the week

      1. Using a user located at the same timezone as Jira Server, for instance, using New York Location, define a version "A" with a release date set to the end of the week (2021-04-18) and another version "B" with a release date set to the start of the week (2021-04-19);

      2. Create one issue "test-1" and assign fixversion "A" and a second issue "test-2" assigned to fixversion "B";

      3. Create a JQL to find the issues using Script Runner functions:

       fixversion in releaseDate("on endOfWeek()")

      4. Run the JQL: It should return the issue "test-1" assigned to the fixversion "A";

      5. Edit User Profile and change the timezone to Chicago;

      6. Run the JQL

      Expected Results

      Return the same issue

      What is returned

      It does return the issue "test-2" assigned to the fixversion "B"


      For the user in Chicago, the release dates will be 2021-04-17 11pm (version "A") and 2021-04-18 11pm (version "B")

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