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Dragging an issue in the board with a Transition screen shows Rich text formatted comment box


      Issue Summary

      When you transition the issue from one column to the other (without clicking the issue to open the issue details on the right-side panel), the comment textbox is not Wiki style formatted


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to any Kanban/Scrum board
      2. Make sure that the destination column/status in the workflow has a Transition view
      3. Drag the issue to the destination column/status. Don't click the issue as it will open the issue details on the right-side panel. In this way, the issue won't be replicated.
      4. When the transition screen pops out, notice the comment textbox

      Expected Results

      The comment box is in Wiki style format

      Actual Results

      The comment textbox is in plain/rich style format


      Click on the issue to display the issue details before dragging the issue.


      • This has also been observed in Attachment field.

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