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I would like to be able to view by a Filter in the planning board.



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      Add a new view to the planning board.
      Currently is it: assignee, component, project overview, version.

      Customer would like to add a new one: Filter

      Exact use case as defined below by customer:

      You can see that the number of sub tasks is shown - but the actual number displayed is not the same. Clicking on the sub tasks link will bring up a child window with ALL the sub tasks shown. We would like the change where ALL subtasks are shown under the parent REGARDLESS of whether the subtask is in a different fix version.

      Note what you are seeing above - in our structure we create a version that represents a "project" - the parent issue then represents say a Usecase (eg SUITE-1459), then a substask will be created in workflow with the same fix version as teh parent for a specification/analysis task. When complete the workflow steps then move into creating sub tasks for development/engineering - these sub tasks are then assigned to actual product releases (versions) within Jira/greenhopper. So we are trying to use this planning board view of the Project/version so see at a glance the status of all use cases and what release the development activity is in.


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