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      We use one program and one project and one structure.
      Within the project we have multiple teams and thus boards.

      Now I ran into contraints that really surporised me so here goes:

      Why only admins can start and create sprints as this is typically the role of a scrum master.
      Now I have to make all scrum masters admin, meaning they have full control over project and program.In the current setup within Jira the role scrum master is useless.

      We use the hiearchy where epics are the toplevel. so epics are realized by features and features are relealized by stories and tasks.
      Now the epic is program wide and the featiures are team specific. In other words which teams are needed to realize an epic en which features do they have to complete in order to do so.
      The teams would like to see the features in the backlog under the epic link as the features are the big items they need to work on as a team. however Jira can only show EPICs, which basically means that all EPICS will be shown on every team backlog even if epics do not require effort from your team. Due to this limitation we now have changes all Epics to Features and all Features to Epics.
      Now the Epic list on the backlog of the teams only shows which the epics that are assigned to that specific team.

      Epic link: Why is the epic link nothing more then a label?
      If I drag items from the backlog to the epic link the field epic link is filled with the epic however it is not a real link. as when I really want to link stories to epics I have to go the link option and choose realizes and search for the Epic I want to link the story to. Only this way it appears as an child of the EPIC on the structure board.
      Why can it not directly make a real link.

      Unable to link items on creation.
      I now first need to create the issue and then edit the issue again and choose for link in the menu.
      Why can I not link it directly without having to reopen the item again.

      Kind regards,

      Maarten Uppelschoten


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