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As a user I want tasks linked to external Epics to show up in the Epic Swimlane so I can work on them



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      Problem Definition

      When using Epics as a Swimlane, if the Epics are from a different project (one that is not covered in the filter of the board), any tasks under that Epic will not show up in the board, even if the task rightfully belong to that board. For example :

      • Given Project A and Project B
      • Project A has a Rapid board with a filter that only shows issues in Project A
      • Project B has an Epic, called Epic B
      • Task A from Project A is linked to Epic B via Epic Link
      • In the Rapid board, the swimlanes are configured to be based on Epics
      • Even though Task A shows up in the board (in the backlog), it does not show in the Sprint due to the Swimlane settings (and due Epic B being from another project)

      Suggested Solution

      Although it has been explained in GHS-7286 that it is an expected behavior that the Epic tag is missing in the backlog, it gets more complex in this case as the Task itself is not showing up in the board at all. This should be handled better, perhaps by adding a section called 'External Epics' when viewing the Sprint.

      Alternatively, this can be avoided if the 'Epic Link' field is limited to only show Epics from the selected project, as per - GHS-12016


      For now, the only workaround would be to not configure Epics as the Swimlane


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