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Direct link from "Introduction Portlet" to "Planning Board" and "Task Board"



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      I am trying to configure the "default dashboard" so that it can be understood by other departments of my company. The profile of that users will be one with very little (or null) knowledge of Jira and Greenhopper. I am trying to make it easy so that they can browse the exact information which they need.

      I would need two links from the "default dashboard" to the Planning Board of two different projects. Furthermore, when the link is clicked, I would need that the Planning Board is displayed using an specified filter which I will have properly configured for them.

      I found out that I can configure the "Introduction Portlet" with the following content:

                      • Please choose a report:
                        <A HREF="https://jira:8443/secure/ProjectBoard.jspa?autoRefresh=false&start=0&type=PB&decorator=none&selectedProjectId=10000&selectedBoardId=1&viewType=list">Project Board</A>
                        <A HREF="https://jira:8443/secure/VersionBoard.jspa?autoRefresh=false&type=PB&decorator=none&selectedProjectId=10000&selectedBoardId=1&viewType=list">Version Board</A>

      It is perfect!! The problem is that I do not know how to select the initial filter. I do not want to force the user to choose the filter (probably he or she will not have any idea of which to choose), but I would rather select one for him/her. Could you please provide a way to choose the filter in a variable of the URL?



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