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Remaining estimate in Plan mode


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      not possible, crude workaround with extra efforts

      not possible, crude workaround with extra efforts
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      We have been using JIRA Agile / Greenhoper in Development for quite a long time and recently we have introduced JIRA Agile in some Operational Teams like Order Management and Accounting. Due to the nature of these departments and tasks, the estimation and tracking is both set up to be "time". The team estimates a task and then books hours against the task during the sprint. Goal is (amongst others) to create a fair workload balance across all agents. Tickets we talk about here have 1/2 day work as a minimum, but can easily be 20days of effort.

      This all works brilliantly for us, but the Teamleaders have issues with Tasks that are estimated to take longer than one sprint (2weeks) and which are therefore carrying over to the next sprint after closure.

      Issue is: The remaining estimate is not used in plan mode, but the original estimate is. This leads to the following example:
      Original estimate: 10d
      Time spent: 8d

      In plan mode for the new sprint this issue shows up with 10d, which makes it very hard to create a good next sprint, without checking each and every ticket for the remaining time.
      When the sprint has been started, the issue is kind of resolved, because then the remaining time is being used. But this creates the need for scope changes...

      While fully understanding the approach on "original estimate", please provide an option to use "remaining estimate" in plan mode. The desired feature would be that the small dot with the original estimate in it (currently) is filled with the remaining estimate. If remaining estimate is not set, then original estimate shall be used.

      This would enable us to plan fair sprints with good workload balance without having massive scope changes during the sprint.


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