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      We have multiple agile teams using Jira agile and we've been using it for a little over 2 years now. The view has greatly improved since GreenHopper days, but we have some a few significant issues that cause our team to have to work around Jira that I wanted to raise to you:

      1. Accounting for both hours and story points is challenging: Our team estimates our sprint and measures our sprint success by velocity and story points, but we use hours as a gut check during our planning to understand capacity this is a challenge for many reasons:

      • If we have hours enabled our burndown chart only burns down by hours we aren't tracking, not story points which we want. We need to have hours enabled in order to do detailed level tasking. This makes our burndown chart useless for us
      • On the plan view, when we select an individual on the team to see how their hours line up we can only see the tickets where they are assigned to the parent level ticket. This doesn't work for us as we have multiple team members assigned to subtasks on each ticket it, so we have to keep track on each person's hours on a separate spreadsheet during planning.

      Summary of team info on the "Work" view

      • Some of our teams are moving back to physical scrum boards during their standups because the "work" view is too busy as it's impossible to see what's in a sprint without scrolling down and we want to see if all on one screen.
      • There really isn't a good way to view stories & subtasks. We use the swimlane option of having parent stories across the view with the subtasks showing, the parent tickets always seem to get lost in that view. The ability to customize the work view more would be appreciated. We want to be able to easily toggle between sprint summary view and a detailed level view

      Accounting for Story Point Changes & Velocity Calculations

      • If you add / change story points to a story after a sprint has started or add a story with points to a sprint after it's started than the numbers aren't on the sprint report. This is really annoying as I have to click on each ticket that doesn't have a story point listed and do my own manual calculations.
      • Also, I have a whole separate spreadsheet for each sprint team that breaks down the the team's historical performance. This is how we determine the "average velocity per person on the team per day" and we used this to estimate the velocity during planning based on the team's availability. Having that as part of reporting would be awesome!


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