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Sprint Report per Assignee to return total task count and total task hours


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      As a Program Manager I would like to have access to a basic Agile Board Report that displays a table of information on the no. of open tasks per person per sprint along with the total task hrs for the tasks of that assignee.

      This request has come up from tens of people within my organisation and is crippling our ability to have quick access to this information without having to perform an extract of information from a sprint to excel where the data is transformed and then placed on a wiki for the team to view it.

      Table Column headers required;
      ii-Total Task Count (for that assignee)
      iii-Original Estimate (hrs) (for all tasks assigned to that assignee)
      iv-Time Spent (hrs) (for all tasks assigned to that assignee)
      v-Remaining Estimate (hrs) (for all tasks assigned to that assignee)
      vi-Remaining Days in Sprint
      vii-Original Assignee Capacity to the Sprint
      vii-% Assignee Capacity Remaining

      The first 5 pieces of information comes directly from jira but the last 3 are outside of jira.
      In an ideal world I would like to define all 8 pieces of information in jira but if the first 5 could be available I would be a great start.

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