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As a board user, be able to filter on Epics, Versions and Users


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      As a board user, you currently can filter on (active) sprints, and on quick filters (pre-defined by the board-owner/manager).
      I would like to be able to filter on the Epics of the board, on the Versions used in the board (Fix Versions field of issues), and on the Users (assignees) used in any catrd on the board.
      These filters should always be there (for example in the menu where currently you already can expand or collapse swimlanes).
      I know some of these filters things could also be 'done' by using swimlanes, but our users find swimlanes very uncomfortable.
      T know these filters could be implemented in Quick Filters, but then they are not dynamic: we have to adapt them all the time new Epics, Versions or Users are used.

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