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As an admin, I would like to be able to configure a hierarchy navigator with an issue type(s) so that it would know how to build a tree, on a given issue



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      I have a business critical need to add parent/child hierarchy to JIRA, the 2-3 level thing does not cut it, it simply has no chance of address teams that work with many release streams over many teams. Basically its not supportive of enterprise work.

      We looked at the Structure plugin...its useless, yes you can make it work for a hierarchy of issues, but you have to use it in such a convoluted way, that there is no point.

      So, we're adding the ability to "split" items recursively (a new issue type Split Child with appropriate links and plugins to support that).

      That's all good, works fine, but, when it comes to showing the parent/child structure on the rapid board...blam! no hierarchy.

      Ok, so on the left side of the rapid board we can see that Epic is used to "scope" what is seen on the right side.

      This suggests a natural "navigator" context, great...is there any chance that we improve Greenhopper and allow us to add another row to the left side where instead of Epic it would show our Parent/Child tree?

      A hierarchy navigator would only require that we (the admins) can configure the hierarchy navigator with an issue link type(s) so that it would know how to build a tree, on a given issue.


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