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Ability to see subtasks on the on the backlog in Team-Managed Projects


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      Issue Summary

      Currently, subtasks don't show in the backlog of Team-Managed Projects. Users need to click into the parent issue to see the subtasks.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Go to the backlog of a Team-Managed Project, you'll see that you can't see subtasks/child issues in it unless you explicitly open the parent. You also can't search subtasks. 

      Expected Results

      1. Go to a Team-Managed Project (you can see the project type in the bottom left hand corner)
      2. Go to the backlog
      3. Expected: You can see the subtasks/child issues

      Actual Results

      The backlog doesn't show subtasks/child issues. ...


      Currently, no workaround unless you use a Company-Managed project. 

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