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Child issues panel under a higher hierarchy issue type is not showing if the user doesn't have one of those permissions: Advanced Roadmaps User or Advanced Roadmaps Viewer


      Issue Summary

      In the issue view of a higher hierarchy issue type, the child issues panel isn't shown if the user doesn't have Advanced Roadmaps Permission for User or Viewer.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an Initiative or other issue higher than the standard Epic
      2. Add child issues to this initiative by adding the parent link
      3. View the issue with a user without Advanced Roadmap Permission

      Expected result

      If the user has Browse Project permission in a particular project, he should be able to see all the information for their issues, including the child issues panel.

      Actual result

      The child issues panel isn't shown.


      Add the user to a group with at least Advanced Roadmaps User or Advanced Roadmaps Viewer permission

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