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Message returned when accessing a deleted issue from the search field seems incorrect


      Issue Summary

      The message from Jira is not adequate to the context where the issue was deleted and when we try to access it from the search field, then got “You don’t have access to the issue”.

      The customer is requesting the message to be changed and I mentioned reporting it in a feature request, but I would like to confirm if a feature request is the most appropriate way of reporting it.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Delete an issue;
      2. Search the deleted issue directly from the search field by the issue key.
      3. The message returned is “You don’t have access to the issue”;

      Expected Results

      1. The message should be more appropriated and complete. “The issue was deleted or is non-existent, or you don’t have access to the issue.”

      Actual Results

      1. The message returned is “You don’t have access to the issue”;
      2. Issue_deleted_or_non-existent.mp4


      From closed duplicate:
      Steps to replicate :

      1. Create Jira project
      2. Create an issue in that project
      3. Delete the issue
      4. Reopen the page of that issue by giving the issue number directly in the URL

      Existing text when issue is missing or the user does not have access

      An error is shown that emphasizes the following text :
      You don't have access to this issue

      The description then goes on to say that the issue might not exists as described in the screenshot below :
      *as above

      Suggested text

      The title of the error message could be the following :
      You don't have access to this issue or the issue might not exist.

      This is because it would be easier for the user to read if the text is emphasized in the title

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