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Option to create a list of issues excluded from plan



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      Problem Definition:

      Currently when an issue is excluded from a plan you can edit the issue sources under the plan settings "Configure >> Issue Sources >> Edit Issue Sources"  then the items that were excluded will show up unselected, and you can manually review these items to get a list of issues or releases excluded from a plan this way and you can re-add those items to to the plan by reselecting them and submitting the changes.

      However, there are no other ways to generate a list of issues or releases excluded from a plan. If an issue or release is accidentally excluded there is no easy way to identify the item other than the method outlined above

      Suggested Solution

      Provide a report in portfolio with a list of issues OR a JQL search option such as:

      issue IN plan()
      issue NOT IN plan()
      issue Excluded from plan()
      fixVersion IN plan()
      fixVersion NOT IN plan()
      fixVersion Excluded from plan()

      Any option to generate a full list of items that are expressly excluded from a plan for easy identification


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