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Portfolio Team field should be a fully supported JIRA field


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Portfolio Cloud. Using JIRA Portfolio Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      As a Product Owner

      I want to assign stories to a Scrum Team from either Portfolio or JIRA and see it represented in both Portfolio and JIRA

      So that I can see the same changes in both tools, depending on who I am talking to and in what context.

      The following is currently possible with the Portfolio Team field:

      • you can create Shared teams in Portfolio and assign an issue to a team
      • It is also possible to Edit an issue in JIRA and change the Team field to one of the shared team.
      • It appears in the People section of the Browse Issue view.
      • You can add the Team field in the Card Layout on a specific board

      Therefore the functionality is almost there but the following is not possible:

      • Add the Team field in the Issue Detail View (right pane when you click on an issue in the board)
      • Chose the Team field in gadgets in the Dashboards
      • Filter board content by Team when using the Agile Board Filter plugin
      • Create filters using the Team full names (it substitutes values with IDs) although that's a minor inconvenience.

      My main issues are the Issue Detail View and the Dashboard.


      As a workaround, you might use the Advanced field editing - JSON option to define the value of the Team field. The Edit Issue fields action will then look like below:

      	"fields": {
      		"Team: {
      			"title":"Plan-specific team",

      For the trigger, the event "Issue updated" and using the "Advanced compared condition", the value below can be used to test if the "Team" field was updated:


      PS: this is just an example, you must see how the fields are set in your Jira cloud site and adjust it accordingly.

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