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Searching JQL for development info does not work for issues in Next-gen projects




      Issue Summary

      When using the advanced searching options within JQL of Jira Cloud, there exist a number of development functions you can use to search for Jira issues that might have pull requests, commits, branches, and builds. More details in Advanced searching - developer reference - Atlassian Documentation

      Source code searches

      You can search for issues based on the your development status:

      • development[pullrequests].all (or .open) 
      • development[commits].all
      • development[reviews].all (or .open)
      • development[builds].failing

      However these do not appear to ever return any issues that exist in next-gen projects.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Link a Jira Cloud site to a Bitbucket repo via the DVCS connector
      2. Create a next-gen scrum project
      3. create a sample issue in that project, for example let's say it's NEX-3 is the issuekey for one issue in that project
      4. In Bitbucket, create a commit and enter that issuekey (NEX-3) in the commit message
      5. You can confirm by visiting the Jira issue directly that this development info is linked to the correct issue. That part is working as expected.
      6. Then go to the issue navigator in Jira Cloud, [yourCloudURL].atlassian.net/issues/ to search under advanced searching for a JQL query such as
        project=NEX and development[commits].all > 0 

      Expected Results

      JQL results should return at least one issue

      Actual Results

      JQL returns 0 issues from next-gen projects


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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