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Done/completed epics appears in "Epic Link" field in the new issue view


      Issue Summary

      In the old issue view there's a Show done epics option to show/hide completed epics in the dropdown list, see the screenshot below:

      However, there's no such option in the new issue view which causes completed/done epics to be appeared in the dropdown list:

      This causes some concerns as users could select a done/completed epic mistakenly.


      • JIRA Cloud
      • New JIRA issue view

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an Epic and a regular issue
      2. Access the regular issue in new issue view
      3. Click on Epic Link field

      Expected Results

      There is an option to hide/display done epics

      Actual Results

      All epics (including done epics) are listed in the Epic Link field and there's no option to exclude or hide the completed epics.


      For Classic projects, use JIRA's old issue view. You could disable "New Jira issue view for software projects" in your profile page so all the issues could appear in the old issue view.

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