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Ability to create quick filters in Next-gen project



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      Atlassian status as of February 2021

      Hello all,

      Thank you for watching, voting, and commenting on this issue.

      We use this data as well as many other inputs to feed into our prioritisation process. Improving the filtering options on a next-gen backlog/board is something that will be investigating very soon. In the spirit of how we are building next-gen, we will be looking to understand how much we filtering control we can put into the hands of each user individually, whilst also balancing that with the ability for the team to have quick defaults. The results of the investigation will help plan out our roadmap on how we ladder up to the quick filters feature that users of classic projects are familiar with. We want to share this with you to ensure you can plan out your use of projects within Jira Software effectively.

      In a couple of months, we can provide an update on how this investigation has progressed and in the short term we recommend teams use classic projects where quick filters are a must. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you.

      Please continue to vote and in particular please continue to add comments on how your teams find value with quick filters. This contextual information of what you are doing and why you are doing is invaluable for us in providing you with a product that will grow with your needs.

      Thank you,
      Eoin Ryan
      Product Manager

      Problem Definition

      Customer not able to create quick filter into next-gen projects.

      Suggested Solution

      Ability to create quick filter in next-gen projects.

      Why this is important

      Customers willing to create quick filter in Next-gen projects to search for issues


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