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Allow multiple boards in team-managed projects



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      Our product teams collect and evaluate feedback from a number of different sources. To learn more about how we use customer feedback in the planning process, check out our new feature policy.



      Jira Software Cloud users would like the ability to create multiple boards for each team-managed (formerly next-gen) project, just as they can with company-managed (formerly Classic) projects.


      1. Use “dummy” inactive sprint containers in the team-managed backlog as placeholders for different types of work like “design”, “QA”, “eng health” and “feature work”. Pull issues into active sprint container representing the board when the work is prioritised and ready for sprint.
      2. Use different team-managed projects to represent different types of work, if the workstreams are totally distinct and separate, and doesn't require any form of "syncing".
      3. Use company-managed projects (but you will have to deal with project schemes for project setups).
      Atlassian status as of May 2021

      Hi all,

      We are kicking off the product discovery phase for multiple boards per project in the next few weeks.

      From the product perspective, our main focus right now is to enable the ability to create multiple boards within one team-managed project, which will be tracked on this Jira feature suggestion.

      For example, this capability will enable teams to have separate boards representing functional/design vs. development sprints, Scrum vs. Kanban agile methodologies, feature work vs. bugs, web app vs. mobile.

      If you want to help us understand the problem space better, please help us answer this 3-minutes survey.

      As we continue our progress on this feature, we’ll provide further updates. We’ll also be reaching out to customers, as we refine our solution to ensure that we are addressing customer pain points.

      In the short-term, when you need to have multiple boards in a single project, we recommend teams to use company-managed projects. We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause you.

      We’ve gone through all the feedback specified in this Jira ticket and identified feedback which represent separate feature suggestions. You can vote for these other feature suggestions below:

      1. Cross-project roadmaps and boards: Pull in epics or issues from other projects to display on your roadmap or board, in order to enable cross-team visibility for planning and tracking work:
      2. Multiple active sprints: Manage 2 concurrent active sprints in the same backlog:

      Thank you,
      Ivan Teong
      Product Manager, Jira Software


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