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      I have come across an issue in Jira that I was unable to figure out. I am implementing a new policy within my organization. This policy states that on a specific ticket type, it must have a minimum number of votes before it can be approved. I was going to attempt to enforce this policy by adding a Post Function to check the number of votes before allowing the "approved" button to display. As the project lead, I am often informed that a ticket of this type needs to be created. As the reporter of the issue, my vote in cast as a yes. Whether or not that is my opinion.  The current workaround for this is to create the ticket, go in to edit the ticket to change the reporter, then cast a vote. 
      I have a few issues with this. 

      1. Automatically assuming the reporter of an issue is in favor is both unnecessary and adds no value to the functionality of the Jira software. 
      2. Forcing the vast amount of users to complete an ad hoc workaround for a functionality that is within the software that our companies pay for with a simple explanation of "We consider the initial report of an Issue to be an implicit vote; therefore, it would be redundant for a Reporter to vote up her own Issue." - John Garcia Aug 6,2014 https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Questions/Why-can-t-some-users-VOTE-on-an-issue-when-others-can/qaq-p/31523
      3. This limits one of the biggest buying features of the Jira software which for my organization would the the vast customization and versatility of the Jira platform. Designing policies and procedures with Jira as the focal point of documentation, limitations  such as this as completely unnecessary 
      4. Enabling this feature, (I would assume) could not be that vast of an upgrade or costly hot fix.

      Thank you for your time.





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