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If a sub-issue is in progress, the parent item should automatically move to 'In progress'



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      I need an easy way to see if my parent issues are in progress or not at a glance.

      Many of us use sub tasks (or sub bugs) to break down tasks on a parent story or bug. If one of the sub tasks (or sub bugs) is in progress I want greenhopper to change the status of the parent item to in progress. It makes no sense for a sub-issue to be in progress (or resolved) and show the parent item as just "open". If work is being done on one of the sub-issues, of course the parent item is in progress. As a nice to have, if all of the sub-issues are closed, then the parent should at least be "resolved".

      Right now there seems to be no way to even indicate a story or bug with sub-issues is in progress. The only way to do it is look at their sub-issues which is laborious.


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