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Add an Epic Panel to Kanban Board (not Backlog board)


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Jira Software Cloud. Using Jira Software Server? See the corresponding bug report.

      Recently I raised a topic with this question

      Is it possible to activate Epic panel on Kanban Board (not Backlog board)?

      But the answer was negative.

      So, please add a possibility to activate Epic panel on Kanban board.

      Problem Definition

      We use Kanban board for support tasks for our different products (web sites). We can't filter all on-going tasks on the Kanban board by separate product.
      In our case One product (web site) = One epic. Epics are hidden from Kanban board, because of using of Backlog Board.

      Suggested Solution

      To add an Epic panel to Kanban board as it is presented in Backlog board

      Why this is important

      It will be very convenient to use JIRA, if you use one project for a lot of products.

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